Creative Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

In the process of planning a wedding, every little thing is of great importance. Especially when it comes to decorating the wedding table. Traditionally, the key place on the wedding table is occupied by the wedding cake. Decorating a wedding cake is a separate process that requires time and concept. What design to choose, how many layers should there be, what colors to use and what decorations to choose? These questions constantly arise for all brides and wedding organizers.

We offer creative ideas of wedding cake toppers made of acrylic, which will definitely inspire you to create an incredible wedding composition.

wedding cake toppers

1. Using the family name is one of the popular and traditional options for a wedding cake. You can additionally depict a flower arrangement in the style of your wedding on the topper. Also, Mr. and Mrs. are often added next to the family name. This solution looks classic and very stylish and is in great demand.

round acrylic wedding cake topper

2. Images on an acrylic topper of the names of the newlyweds and the date of the wedding. This is an interesting solution that looks stylish on the cake and complements the general concept of the holiday. An acrylic cake topper can be made in the shape of a flower or with rounded edges in the shape of flowers. There are a lot of designs on this topic. You can depict your favorite flowers or stylish patterns or geometry on the topper.

heart shaped acrylic wedding cake topper

3. Write the initials of the couple and the wedding date – another interesting idea for a wedding. You can complement the topper with flowers or flower arrangements cut from the outside or inside, which correspond to the concept of the holiday. If you choose a stylish font, the initials on the topper will look stylish and modern.

acrylic wedding cake topper

4. If there are several cakes for the wedding, you can use the letter of the name of each of the newlyweds and add the wedding date. Flowers, inscriptions with wishes or a wedding phrase are often additionally applied to the acrylic cake toppers. Creative inscriptions and toppers lift the spirits of guests and complement the wedding composition.

When choosing a topper for a festive wedding cake, it is important to remember:

  • about the general concept of the wedding (style, format);
  • personal preferences of newlyweds (favorite flowers, colors);
  • modern trends and directions of design.

Acrylic wedding cake toppers are just that, a small accessory that is key. After all, as you know, style is determined by small things. Acrylic topper – will complement the design and concept of your wedding with new colors.

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