Top 10 Wedding Color Scheme Ideas for 2024

For the future brides and grooms, there is a lot of decision to make. From a wedding dress to the wedding cake. One of the things that are important for your special day are colors, which can be crucial. When it comes to the colors, you should always pay attention to choose the right combinations.

The perfect time to get married is in summer. This time also gives you a lot of options for the right color combos. We decided to introduce all the combinations that will look amazing on your wedding day, and for sure they will be a total hit in 2023.

Burgundy + Blush

Burgundy and blush wedding colors are growing in popularity because they have a natural vintage feel to them. It is easy to find these two colors in various shades and pair them together in a variety of ways. If you wish to opt for something bigger, try a burgundy and navy combo. You can also go with a more modern take on the color scheme and opt for diffused burgundy and marine blue.

Burgundy and blush wedding color ideas


The Taupe wedding colors are a deep gray, with shades of brown. This deep gray could be the perfect background for a black and white wedding. As you get closer to the close of your wedding, the Taupe colors go from a deep gray to a light gray, giving the wedding a nice and gradual transition. Taupe is a color that is very versatile and modern, making it perfect for any wedding.

Natural taupe wedding color ideas

Emerald Green

Here is a color scheme that will make any couple feel like they are on a tropical island. Emerald green wedding colors will do the same for you and your partner.

Emerald green wedding color ideas

Mustard Yellow

If you’re planning a summer wedding, fresh green-yellow will work beautifully with a colorful floral arrangement and a white centerpiece. Mustard yellow is a bright yet subtle color that can any look you want to do, from sophisticated to casual.

Mustard yellow and greenery wedding color ideas

Mist Green

Mist green possesses a soothing, calming and relaxing effect that is best suited for weddings and ceremonies. When paired with white, it creates a beautiful sense of serenity and peace. It’s a much-loved wedding color according to our findings. Some shades of mist green are a soft color that light up a room, or it can be a deep, forest green. Its color effect is a great wedding color because it is less flashy and will look more natural with a more natural feel.

Mist green wedding color ideas


The color gray has been a long time favorite among both couples and planners. Gray wedding colors are timeless and will be popular in the future too. Gray is a balance of shades, being soft, light and positive in tone while still being vibrant and exciting, which is exactly what a wedding color scheme should be.

Gray wedding color ideas

Dusty Rose

These dusty rose wedding colors have a sophisticated and warm tone that some brides may feel more comfortable to wear on their wedding day. They are a combination of dusty pink and lavender tones that have a little bit of soft heat in them. They are bold but soft and will provide a beautiful sense of style with a hint of warmth for the bride and her wedding party on their big day.

Dusty rose wedding color ideas

Dusty Blue

A combination of dusty blue, navy, and beige is a subtle, soft choice that looks natural and elegant. It is likely to feel cold and welcoming as a result of the colors. Other colors that might work well with this scheme are, sand, and sea foam green.

Dusty blue and greenery wedding color ideas


A mauve color scheme has elements of delicate lavender, a seductive violet, and deep wine tones. The color’s name comes from the French word for a type of grape, but also means “magenta”. Mauve, known as a romantic feminine color, is characterized as a fresh and subtle hue that is typically associated with serenity and peace.

Mauve purple wedding color ideas

Navy + Gold

This color scheme is a staple throughout the world. This color scheme would be an excellent choice for a wedding that is both classy and chic. If you want your guests to leave with a good review about the venue, then this is the color scheme for you. It will be compatible with any wedding theme and any type of decor. It is also a good balance between masculine and feminine, so women and men can both feel confident in it. This color scheme is great for a church wedding.

Navy blue and gold wedding color ideas


If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve compiled the top 10 wedding color scheme ideas 2023 for you. These are some of our favorite color combinations that work well for wedding colors and can be mixed and matched to create your own unique palette. Whether you want to go with a classic or try something new, we hope these tips will help you find the perfect color scheme for your big day. What is your favorite color combination from this list?.

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