8 Popular Burgundy Fall Wedding Colors Combos 2024

Burgundy, the most popular color for fall weddings, can pop with a number of colors like blush, navy, orange, gray, peach or dusty blue. There are 10 popular burgundy fall wedding colors combos which have been commonly used. This post will show you how to combine burgundy with other colors in all wedding elements. Have to say, there are still many other popular wedding colors and seasons.

burgundy fall wedding colors

Teal Blue + Burgundy

This combination of classic tones is perfect for fall weddings. It makes a light, cheerful, and elegant color scheme. This color scheme is great for the bride and groom who want to go with earth tones and a more unconventional decision for the event.

teal blue burgundy and greenery wedding color ideas
teal blue burgundy and greenery wedding color ideas

Blush Pink + Burgundy

This bright yet sophisticated color combo might be your new top choice to be the most stylish at your next event. The blush pink and burgundy wedding colors are a stunning duo that can make any bride feel like a princess.

blush pink and burgundy wedding color ideas
blush pink and burgundy wedding color ideas

Slate Blue + Burgundy

Fantasy marries dark with light and provides a crisp, contemporary look. The deep color of the slate blue with a dark burgundy is the perfect statement color to convey the effortless nature of your big day.

slate blue and burgundy fall wedding color ideas
slate blue and burgundy fall wedding color ideas

Grey + Burgundy

The grey and burgundy wedding colors create a rich yet uncluttered look for your wedding day. A wedding in a gray and burgundy color scheme is perfect for a modern day with a vintage vibe. So, go ahead and try this grey, burgundy, and green wedding color combination for your big day, and your guests will be all the more impressed!

fall burgundy and grey wedding color ideas
fall burgundy and grey wedding color ideas

Burgundy + Slate Blue

Burgundy and slate blue are two of the most popular colors during this season. If you’ve chosen a neutral color palette in your wedding design, this wedding color palette might be perfect for you. Slate blue and burgundy go very well together because they contrast the blues and reds , creating a sophisticated and chic look for the wedding of your dreams.

slate blue and burgundy fall wedding color ideas
slate blue and burgundy fall wedding color ideas

Blush + Burgundy

Burgundy has a timeless appeal to it. The subtleness of this fall weather hue is what gives it a sense of warmth and peace. For Brides who understand the significance of this and would like to incorporate it into their wedding plans, this is the color for them. Coupled with the shades of Burgundy, you can opt for different shades of blush like peach or apricot.

Burgundy and blush wedding color ideas
Burgundy and blush wedding color ideas

Purple, Orange + Burgundy

When it comes to wedding colors, it’s hard to go wrong with a combination of purple, orange and burgundy. Matching these three colors is a popular choice for fall weddings, but there are many more color combination possibilities to consider.

outdoor october wedding purple orange burgundy wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #weddingideas #fallwedding
outdoor october wedding purple orange burgundy wedding color ideas

Yellow + Burgundy

Burgundy is an excellent fall wedding color and it goes well with warmer colors like yellow. There are a variety of yellow hues available and most particularly mint. This color is also associated with sun, summer, and enjoyment as well as being perfect for a garden wedding.

fall wedding color 2021 burgundy yellow
fall wedding color burgundy yellow


Burgundy is a rich, deep color that can add a warm touch to any wedding. This deep red hue is perfect for the bride who wants something elegant and traditional but also unique. Whether you choose burgundy bridesmaid dresses, shoes or suit jackets, there are many options available so your entire party will look great on your big day!


What is burgundy color?

Burgundy is a deep reddish-brown color that is named after the wine produced in the Burgundy region of France. It is a rich and elegant color that can add a touch of sophistication to any wedding theme.

What colors go well with burgundy in a wedding color scheme?

Burgundy pairs well with a variety of colors, including gold, blush, navy, and forest green. These colors can be incorporated into wedding decor, bridesmaid dresses, and floral arrangements to create a cohesive and beautiful color scheme.

What season is best for a burgundy wedding color scheme?

Burgundy is a versatile color that can work well in any season. It can add warmth to a winter wedding, complement the colors of fall foliage, and add a pop of color to a spring or summer wedding.

How can I incorporate burgundy into my wedding without it being too overwhelming?

Burgundy can be incorporated into a wedding in subtle ways, such as through floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, or table settings. It can also be paired with neutral colors, such as white or beige, to create a more understated look.

What are some popular wedding themes that incorporate burgundy?

Burgundy can work well with a variety of wedding themes, including rustic, bohemian, and vintage. It can also add a touch of elegance to a modern or classic wedding theme.

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