8 Fall Wedding Color Schemes Perfect for Autumn

Listen, summer was cute and all, but it’s time for autumn and the gorge fall weddings that come with it. Just picture it: a barn party full of reds and oranges and mustards or an indoor affair decorated with shades of blue and gold. Sounds like a dream.

Planning your own nuptials? Serving as the best MOH the world has ever seen? Just casually Pinteresting so you’re really ready when the day comes? We’ve got you covered. Here are 10 stunning fall wedding themes for any kind of affair.

Burgundy + Yellow

Burgundy and yellow are strong colors that offer confidence and sophistication that can make an appearance in your fall wedding and make it the most beautiful event yet. These colors are paired with green in nature, which adds vibrancy and life to the entire event. Using these two colors with shades of pink, red, white, royal blue and other colors, your wedding can be a complete autumnal delight that is bold, daring and all together beautiful.

fall wedding color 2021 burgundy yellow

Dusty Rose + Sage Green

These three colors will make your wedding’s color scheme fall right into fall. You could go with the traditional choices like brown and gold, or you could mix in a bit of different shades and tones of the same color scheme like this one.

fall wedding color 2021 dusty rose sage green

Dark Teal + Orange

Dark teal is a spot on color for the coming fall, and using orange accents throughout your event’s decor will be a refreshing touch. Dedicate a section to these two colors in your Fall color schemes, and include mums and pumpkins to celebrate that upcoming fall season.

fall wedding color 2021 dusty teal orange

Emerald + Gold

Invite your guests to celebrate autumn with you in the most fabulous way possible. This coloring scheme boasts the saturated colors of fall, can be used for autumn weddings, and will make an elegant backdrop for the fall season.

fall wedding color 2021 emerald gold

Purple + Blush

The fall colors of the season are lush, rich and warm, making them the best colors for a fall wedding. And this rich color palette makes it a smart choice to use purple and blush tones. The soft colors tie in with rich jewel colors and pink tones while still giving the wedding a pronounced fall feel. These colors also allow you to pair the wedding with other earth-based shades that also tie in with the beauty of the season, such as gold and brown tones.

fall wedding color 2021 purple blush

Navy Blue + Rust

A bold, navy blue color scheme is perfect for this season. Rust accents, a muted red color, and brown tones create the most gorgeous autumnal feel. Buff tones add depth and the whole color palette is layered with textures like quilting and jute rope. Great for indoor and outdoor weddings!

fall wedding color 2021 navy blue rust

Lavender + Grey

Lavender creates a calming and serene ambiance that is the perfect demeanor for a fall wedding. These classic wedding colors work for all skin tones, too. It can be matched with greys for a classic look and green for a fresh, new style. If you like to be a bit more daring, try pairing purple hues with cobalt blue and navy blue for a more recent trend setter.

fall wedding color 2021 lavender grey

Black + Red

The beauty of fall is all around us, but it can be difficult to capture the seemingly endless shades of this beloved season in a wedding color scheme. Whether you are planning a fall wedding or simply want to amp up the fall ambience, this color scheme offers a striking combination of black and red that is perfect for the season.

fall wedding color 2021 black red

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