Top 8 Neutral Fall Wedding Colors 2024

When considering fall wedding trends, I’d keep coming back to pretty neutral wedding color palettes. I love all the soft, muted wedding color palette of neutrals. Neutral colors look very elegant and romantic and fit into just about any style wedding. Having a neutral wedding is the best choice for those romantic brides who want natural and unfussy looks for their wedding parties. Colors like beige, ivory, cream, blush and light grey stand the test of time. So what are the greatest neutral wedding colors for you to have in 2022? Check the ideas below and be ready to get inspired!

beige and orange

Beige and orange are neutral colors. They can be combined to make a variety of complementary colors, resulting in a wide range of hues from lavender to corn silk. They are great as an all-encompassing shade that takes a neutral and simple feel to your celebration. Beige and orange also work well in retreats, celebrations, or ceremonies of all types. They provide a contrast to the usual bright and joyful tones of a wedding color palette.

neutral fall beige and orange wedding colors

brown rust and yellow

This is a nice color option for a fall wedding. You can achieve a rust tone by using brown as your color palette, and you can also use yellow to tie in the autumn color. This is a very happy, vivacious color that can give your fall wedding some energy to it. Take advantage of the natural vibrancy of the colors of the season and add this to your fall wedding color palette.

neutral fall brown rust and yellow wedding colors

earth tones

The fall season is a time for seasonal neutrals that can be balanced with the warm colors of the wedding theme for a perfect blend. A top fall neutral color is beige. This color is perfect for a triple-tone wedding with its light, medium, and dark tones and can be found in many shades of beige. Consider using dark charcoal for a dark, deep look. For a light and airy mix, consider using a lighter shade of it.

neutral fall earth tones wedding colors

green and gold

Green is one of the most popular wedding colors because it precedes more gold-colored season. Fall is described as the season of transition, so why not get in on the action with a wedding theme that reflects the season? Its freshness and sense of vitality make it perfect for the fall, getting married in its color. Combine it with sage green and gold tones to create just the right atmosphere. Have a fun, casual wedding theme of a fall theme.

neutral fall sage green and gold wedding colors

taupe white and grey

The classic tone taupe color is known to add warmth to these cool colors and lighten the tone of some bridesmaid dresses, creating a light and airy look while adding a touch of luxury. This color is often considered to be the best backdrop for white with the right touch of grey. So if you are looking for an elegant and timeless, yet stylish color to incorporate with your fall wedding theme, taupe white and grey are worth a try!

neutral fall taupe white and grey wedding colors

dusty blue and gold

A dusty sky blue and the color gold fall wedding would be the perfect compliment to a fall wedding. There is nothing more inviting than a beautiful color combination. The color mix would look lush and warming at the same time. Another reason why this would be a great choice for a fall wedding is a very neutral color combination this neutral color would make it easier to create a romantic and romantic atmosphere. In regards to the decor, the color would be a perfect choice to compliment all the other fall wedding colors.

neutral fall dusty blue and gold wedding colors

grey and dusty blue

The best colors are ones that don’t shout one color or another. Grey and dusty blue fall under this category as they are soft, neutral colors and they can easily be adapted to different types of events. This can also be extended to the other colors on this list, as they are also easy to pair with one another. Take that into account when trying to decide what colors to work with!

neutral fall grey and dusty blue wedding colors

navy and mauve

Neutral colors can be tricky on a wedding day. Many brides have to deal with other people’s scrutiny and various opinions stating that they are either too bold or too plain, but these two saturation levels within the color spectrum are perfect for those that like to be the center of attention and enjoy a colorful wedding. Neutral brides, however, can never be too plain, so these neutral and muted colors are the perfect complement to a variety of attire and skin tones.

neutral fall navy and mauve wedding colors

The neutral fall wedding colors that we’ve highlighted for you are perfect for any bride or groom. Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, these colors will work well in any setting. So what are you waiting for?Start browsing our gallery and find the perfect color for your wedding day! Have you tried any of these colors out for yourself?Let us know how they turned out for you in the comments below.


What are some popular neutral fall wedding colors?

Some popular neutral fall wedding colors include ivory, beige, taupe, gray, and blush.

What types of flowers work well with neutral fall colors?

Flowers like dahlias, chrysanthemums, and hydrangeas can work well with neutral fall colors. You can also use neutral-colored foliage like eucalyptus and dusty miller to complement the color scheme.

What are some popular neutral fall wedding color schemes?

Some popular neutral fall wedding color schemes include ivory and gold, beige and navy blue, taupe and burgundy, and gray and dusty rose.

Can the groom and groomsmen wear neutral fall colors?

Yes, the groom and groomsmen can wear neutral fall colors like gray or beige suits or tuxedos to complement the wedding color scheme. Darker colors like burgundy or navy blue can also work well with neutral fall colors.

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