Top 14 Summer July Wedding Colors & Tips 2024

Looking to tie the knot in July? Let the warm, sunny days and relaxed atmosphere inspire your wedding color choices. Bright, vibrant hues are a popular choice for summer weddings, and we’ve included some eye-catching options like royal blue, yellow, and gold. But we also provide ideas for soft, romantic pastels and trendy neutral tones, such as blush, light pink, light blue, and peach.

Check 14 stunning July wedding color palettes for 2023, perfect for capturing the essence of the season.

july wedding color palettes

Light Pink + Light Blue

If you’re looking for a soft, romantic wedding palette that will look beautiful in any season, light pink and light blue are the way to go. Light pink and light blue are both pastel colors—and they’re not just any pastels: they’re soft, muted versions of their bold cousins. The combination can create a romantic feeling without being too sweet or cloying.

light pink and blue july wedding color ideas
light pink and blue July wedding color ideas

Peach + Navy

Peach and navy are both great colors for summer, so why not combine them? The peach will give you a nice pop of color, while the navy will keep it from being too bright.

peach white navy july wedding color palettes
peach white navy July wedding color palettes

Sky Blue + Peach

Sky blue and peach are two colors that work perfectly together. These warm hues will give your wedding day a summer feel, making it perfect for a June or July wedding. If you’re looking for something unique, try using one of these colors as an accent color in your bouquet or other floral arrangements. You can also use these hues to add some color to the table settings or paper goods.

There are many shades of sky blue available, so you’ll be able to find one that matches your wedding venue perfectly! The same goes for peach; because of its versatility, it’s easy to find a shade that works well with either white or ivory linens and napkins (and even both).

sky blue and peach july wedding color ideas
sky blue and peach July wedding color ideas

Yellow + Fuchsia

Yellow and fuchsia are a great combination for a summer wedding. This vibrant color combination will be perfect to use in your bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, and any other flowers you might want to include in your wedding decor.

yellow fuschia navy july wedding color palettes
yellow fuchsia navy July wedding color palettes

Blush + Berry + Navy

These are soft, romantic colors that are perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

The blush color is a very pale pink, almost white. Navy is a dark blue-green color that’s similar to the ocean, and berry is a deep burgundy. These three colors work together well because they’re all soft tones—no strong contrasts here!

blush berry navy july wedding color palettes
blush berry navy July wedding color palettes

Blush + Gold

  • Blush and gold is a great combination for summer weddings. You can opt for blush (which has a pinkish tone to it) or you can go with a deep rose color, then pair it with gold accents.
  • If you want something more traditional, opt for the rich tones of burgundy or hunter green.
  • Think about what your wedding theme is: if it’s rustic and casual, consider using browns like chocolate browns and forest greens in your decorating scheme.
blush and gold july wedding color ideas
blush and gold july wedding color ideas

Classic Blue + Gold

The classic combination of blue and gold is a color palette that has been popular for many centuries, and has become almost synonymous with weddings. The two tones are complementary colors, meaning they sit opposite each other on the color wheel. This makes them easy to pair together; just think of their opposites on the wheel (green and red) or even the middle-ground colors that complement each other (red/orange and green/blue).

When it comes to choosing your wedding colors, this works especially well because you don’t have to worry about clashing bridesmaids’ dresses! If you’re planning your own nuptials, consider using this combination as your main theme—it’s sure to be beautiful!

classic blue and gold wedding color idea
classic blue and gold wedding color idea

Grey + Navy

Navy and grey are a classic color combination, making them an ideal choice for your wedding. The deep navy of the groom’s suit will complement the bride’s dress beautifully, while keeping things simple and sophisticated.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding in late summer or early fall (think: September), a high contrast palette can help create a dramatic look against nature’s vibrant hues of reds and oranges. For example, if you’re getting married at sunset on a beachfront property with palm trees as part of your decor scheme–and we hope you are!–then consider pairing navy dresses with white bouquets or pops of hot pink flowers. It’ll give everyone something pretty to look at while they wait for their name to be called during “I Do!”.

grey white navy july wedding color palettes
grey white navy july wedding color palettes

Mint Green + White

  • Mint green and white are a classic combination. Whether you’re an old-school romantic or a modernist, this color scheme should be your go-to for your special day.
  • The mint green tones can be used in the bouquet, centerpieces and even table cloths to bring together all of the elements on your special day.
mint green white khaki july wedding color palettes
mint green white khaki july wedding color palettes

Lavender + Peach + Grey

Lavender is a purple color. Peach is a light orange hue. Grey is an earthy neutral tone that can be used to create a whimsical, garden-inspired atmosphere. When combined with lavender and peach, grey creates a romantic and soft color palette perfect for any summer wedding!

The combination of pastel shades with neutrals makes this palette ideal for outdoor or indoor weddings with a more relaxed vibe.

lavender peach and grey summer wedding colors
lavender peach and grey summer wedding colors

Light Blue + Blush

Light blue and blush are a great color combination that offers the best of both worlds. Light blue is a calming color, while blush is warm and inviting. This fresh, modern combination adds a touch of romance and sophistication to your summer wedding look. It’s also ideal for outdoor or indoor weddings with a more relaxed or casual vibe–such as an afternoon reception on the beach!

To make this color palette work for you, try pairing light blue with gold accents like flowers or table linens. You may also want to add in some pops of white here and there (like candles or cake stands) so that everything doesn’t feel too dark or overwhelming at first glance.

light blue blush deep blue july wedding color palettes
light blue blush deep blue july wedding color palettes

Lavender + Lemon

The combination of lavender and lemon is an excellent choice for a summer wedding. The combination of pastel colors adds a pop of color to the overall look and makes it ideal for outdoor or informal weddings. Lavender, which is often associated with purple, has its roots in France where it was used as part of their coronation robes. It’s also tied to love because it symbolizes faithfulness, devotion and passion–making it perfect for any special occasion!

Lemonade is also known as “the drink that cheers.” That’s why this flavor combo works so well together: they both symbolize happiness!

lavender and lemon july wedding color ideas
lavender and lemon july wedding color ideas

Mulberry + Gold

Mulberry and gold are a rich, luxurious color palette that can be used for either formal or black-tie weddings. The high contrast of this combination works well for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

The mulberry hue is a deep purple that pairs beautifully with gold’s warm glow. If you’re looking for something more subtle than red or blue–but still want your wedding to have some pop–mulberry might be just what you need!

mulberry and gold wedding color idea
mulberry and gold wedding color idea

Coral + Gold + Navy

Coral, gold and navy is a playful and modern color palette perfect for summer weddings. Navy is a neutral color that can be used in many ways to create contrast with other bright hues. Use coral and gold with navy to create a vibrant look that will make your guests feel like they are on vacation!

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coral gold navy july wedding color palettes
coral gold navy july wedding color palettes


What are the benefits of having a July wedding?

July is a popular month for weddings due to its warm weather, which makes outdoor venues a great option. It’s also a time of year when many people have time off work and are available to attend weddings. Additionally, the variety of seasonal flowers and produce makes it easy to create beautiful and memorable centerpieces and decorations.

What should I consider when planning a July wedding?

When planning a July wedding, consider the potential heat and humidity, as well as any potential weather events such as storms or thunderstorms. It’s also important to take into account the availability of your desired wedding vendors, as July is a popular month for weddings. You may also want to offer guests refreshments, such as water and fans, to help them stay cool during the ceremony and reception.

What should I wear for a July wedding?

When choosing what to wear for a July wedding, consider the weather and the dress code for the wedding. Opt for lightweight and breathable materials, such as cotton or linen, to keep cool. For men, consider lighter suits in colors such as light grey or beige, and for women, choose lightweight dresses in colors that complement the wedding colors.

What are some popular July wedding flowers?

Some popular flowers for July weddings include roses, peonies, dahlias, and sunflowers. These flowers are in season during the summer months and come in a variety of colors to match your wedding theme.

How can I keep my guests cool during a July wedding?

To keep your guests cool during a July wedding, consider providing shade with tents or umbrellas and offering fans or handheld misters. You can also provide cold drinks and refreshments to keep your guests hydrated.

What are some fun outdoor activities for a July wedding?

Some fun outdoor activities for a July wedding include lawn games like cornhole or giant Jenga, photo booths with props, and sparklers for a send-off. You can also set up a s’mores bar or ice cream station for your guests.

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