40 Loveliest Purple Lavender Wedding Ideas 2024

To take an outlook for 2023 spring wedding, what do you want for your big days? Lavender always reminds me of a bright spring morning with warm sunshine and soft wind. Lavender, as a plant, is a great element for a rustic country wedding as bouquets, favors, centerpieces… let alone it also can bring Provence to your garden or backyard. Today I’ll share you 40 wonderful lavender wedding ideas hope you’ll like!

Lavender Wedding Colors

Lavender is the quintessential flower of sweet romance. This delicate flower is known for its fresh scent and calming shades, whether it’s paired with pale blues or rich ambers. Consider using lavender flowers in bouquets and arrangements, in linens or just as a sprinkle of color. Lavender also makes for a fantastic table setting and is seen in centerpieces, linen, and food.

lavender purple wedding color ideas
lavender purple wedding color ideas

Lavender Wedding Arches

To make the church entrance pretty and memorable, consider lavender arches. Using tulle, you can create a purple pair of arches suited for your lavender wedding–but lavender is not the only color you could use. Other pastel wedding colors that look great with purple like powder blue, white, and mint are all available when you use lavender wedding arches.

outdoor lavender floral wedding backdrop

Ultra Violet lavender floral wedding backdrop

outdoor farm lavender and green wedding arch

lavender and greenery outdoor wedding backdrop

Lavender Wedding Centerpieces

Lavender is a stunning and majestic flower that comes in a number of different colors, and it doesn’t look bad in any arrangement. For example, with our lavender wedding centerpieces, it looks stunning in an arrangement of various flowers and leaves displayed on a simple pedestal.

lavender and babys breath and tree stump wedding centerpiece ideas

rustic lavender floral mason jar wedding centerpieces

rustic lantern and lavender wedding centerpiece

rustic lavender and mason jar wedding centerpieces

lavender and copper wedding centerpiecesspring lavender wedding centerpieces

Lavender Wedding Bouquets

These flowers are the perfect base for many different ways of arranging your bouquet. You can create a boxed effect that has the appearance of a vase or pot with lavender as the base and your choice of flowers to make up the rest of the bouquet.

Copper dusky lilac wedding bouquet

lavender purple wedding bouquet

lavender groom boutonniere

white roses and lavender wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquets cascading lavender 15+ IdeasLilac purple wedding bouquet

Lavender Wedding Cakes

Some of the trending lavender cake flavors include lavender buttermilk cake, lavender chocolate cake, and lavender meringue buttercream cake.

simple wedding cake with lavender

rustic simple buttercream wedding cake with lavender

rustic lavender and olive leaves wedding cake

rustic buttercream wedding cake with lavender

lavender wedding table decoration

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on the 30 Purple Lavender Wedding Ideas. We also have a Pinterest Page with more posts like this one as well as other interesting content.

Lavender Wedding Cakes

trending lavender wedding cakes for 2018

Lavender Wedding Chair Decoration

wedding aisle chair decorations with lavender

Lavender Wedding Boutonnieres

trending wedding boutonniere ideas with lavender

lavender themed wedding boutonnieres

Lavender themed wedding boutonniere ideas

Lavender Wedding Archs

lavender wedding arch decoraiton ideas

Lavender Wedding Bouquets

lavender themed wedding bouquet ideas

lavender themed wedding bouquets

Lavender Wedding Centerpieces

chic lavender wedding centerpiece ideas



What is lavender and why is it a popular choice for weddings?

Lavender is a flowering plant known for its sweet fragrance and pale purple color. It is a popular choice for weddings because it adds a romantic, whimsical touch to the overall decor and can be used in a variety of ways.

What colors go well with lavender in a wedding color scheme?

Some colors that pair well with lavender in a wedding color scheme include ivory, white, gray, dusty rose, and sage green.

What are some popular floral choices for a lavender wedding color scheme?

Some popular floral choices for a lavender wedding color scheme include lavender itself, as well as roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and lisianthus.

Can a lavender wedding color scheme work for any season?

Yes, a lavender wedding color scheme can work for any season. Lighter shades of lavender work well for spring and summer weddings, while darker shades can work well for fall and winter weddings.

What are some creative ways to incorporate lavender into a wedding?

Some creative ways to incorporate lavender into a wedding include using lavender buds or sprigs in the bouquet and centerpieces, using lavender-scented candles or essential oils to add fragrance, serving lavender-infused cocktails or desserts, and using lavender-colored ribbons or table runners in the decor or a beautiful lavender wedding dress.

What are some popular lavender-inspired wedding favors?

Some popular lavender-inspired wedding favors include lavender-scented candles, sachets filled with dried lavender buds, lavender-infused soap or bath products, and small pots of lavender plants or seeds.

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