Top 8 Mauve and Grey Wedding Color Ideas 2024

Mauve is probably one of my favorite shades of purple. It’s a gorgeous, muted shade of light purple that has a slight tinge of grey. Not too bold, not too pink, not too purple, this subtle hue is making its way into more and more wedding palettes. Pair with other neutral, muted tones such as grey, brown and white to really make this pretty tint shine in your fall wedding. Let’s get some mauve color inspiration below!

Summer mauve and grey

From a lighter to a darker mauve and mauve-y grey, these colors complement summertime. These colors are famous for casual and summer-inspired weddings.

summer mauve and grey wedding color ideas

Fall mauve and green

Along with wine and peach, mauve and green are among the most celebrated shades of color in the world of weddings. There is no color so unattainable that it won’t work in an elegant wedding – no shade so out of bounds that it will not dazzle in the warm hues of the fall winter season.

fall mauve and grey wedding color ideas

Winter mauve and green

To mimic the feel of true winter, the perfect idea is to use shades of gray and green and a flavorful ground of mauve. To create a stunning winter wedding, try this bold color scheme with smart wedding decor.

winter mauve and grey wedding color ideas

Spring mauve and green

Mauve is a tone between purple and pink, which helps with this color scheme’s intensity. This, paired with green and all shades of white, creates a beautiful contrast, perfect for spring and summer weddings. Because of their prominent color differences, mauve and green also complement each other well. The mauve accentuates the greenish tones of the foliage, whereas the greens intensify the wine reds of the leaves from the mauve’s hue.

spring mauve and grey wedding color ideas

Blue, mauve and green

These colors are all popular colors for spring, and they pair well with a variety of other colors to provide a vivid and high-contrast effect.

blue mauve and grey wedding color ideas

Burgundy, mauve and green

These wedding colors are classic and timeless. We’ll be seeing these colors a lot in the future of decorating.

burgundy mauve and grey wedding color ideas

Dusty Rose, mauve and green

If you love the color mauve, this color is perfect for your wedding day. This muted, funky color looks amazing against dark flowers, burlap and navy. Try it with dusty rose and green.

dusty rose mauve and grey wedding color ideas

Purple, mauve and green

Mauve, or violet, is a shade that can often be overlooked and underused in weddings. But, if you really want your wedding to stand out, consider using it! We’ve got a wide range of mauve wedding images that can inspire you and help you create your own unique wedding colors.

purple mauve and grey wedding color ideas


The Hottest 8 Mauve and Grey Wedding Color Ideas. Mauve is the color of the season, and it’s not hard to see why. The warm tones of this color will add a touch of elegance to any wedding or event venue you choose to decorate with it. If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to incorporate mauve into your wedding design, check out these other ideas from our blog readers: – Add a pop of color with blush tones – Use soft pastels for a feminine feel – Create a sophisticated look with charcoal grey tones.

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