TOP 10 Winter Wedding Color Palettes FOR 2024

As the winter season settles in, it’s no surprise that couples planning a winter wedding tend to gravitate towards the traditional red and green hues. However, there are a plethora of other festive colors that can truly capture the magic of winter. Icy blues, rich magentas, and glistening metallics are just a few examples of the many winter color options that can set the stage for a dreamy wedding celebration.

To help inspire your winter wedding color choices, we’ve curated a collection of stunning photographs featuring the top ten winter wedding color palettes from real weddings. We’ve scanned every detail of these beautiful events, from the floral arrangements to the table settings, to bring you an abundance of inspiration for your big day. Whether you’re drawn to bold and edgy tones or soft and romantic shades, you’re sure to find a color combination that perfectly reflects your vision and style.

The beauty of our winter “mood board” is its flexibility. While we’ve included specific inspiration from real winter weddings, our goal is to showcase the possibilities of winter colors, rather than to compel you to recreate a specific look. So feel free to apply these top ten winter wedding color palettes to any wedding element you wish, regardless of your wedding style – be it rustic, contemporary, bohemian, or traditional. Let’s dive in to see what colors made the list!

winter wedding color ideas

Burgundy and Blush

It’s difficult to think of a more romantic color combination than the color of a blush. To create a warm and cozy look, add in the color of a burgundy in it’s complimentary light or deep brown shade. This color is a great way to get the traditional rustic feel out of the wedding decor.

burgundy and blush wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Copper and Greenery

Copper and green is an amazing duo. The light and the dark mix beautifully, creating a beautiful contrast between these two colors. Copper is an anniversary color, so it has special meaning, too. The copper and greenery color scheme is perfect for an outdoor wedding.

copper and greenery winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Dark Navy and Grey

The darker colors in this color palette are perfect for a winter wedding, especially if you’re looking to avoid certain colors such as red and orange. If you want your guests to stand out against the difficulty in the room while they’re still being able to see, use deep purples and greens in the décor. You can also lower the amount of daylight that falls into the space while you’re inside if you want to avoid the brightness.

dark navy and greys winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Dark Teal and Brown

The dark teal and brown wedding colors are creating a stunning contrast this color palette has that is sure to please almost any color lover looking for to add a little winter magic to their celebration. The popularity of this color is largely due to how well it reflects the beauty of the snowy landscape and cold, wintery season. Much like the colors chosen for a winter themed wedding, the colors of this color palette are very elegant, understated, and soothing.

dark teal and brown rustic winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Green Jade and Brown

Hushing tones that exude richly all year round. This subtle yet elegant green envisions a cool winter wedding without too much of the chilly, white tones that you may have seen before. It offers the sophistication and sophistication you want for the big day. It pairs well with popular greys, browns, and black.

green jade and brown winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Mauve and Grey

The recent trend for pairing muted mauve and grey hues has started to take over weddings, and this winter, it has a tendency to become the favorite. It provides just the right amount of class, sophistication, and elegance all while being subtle enough to not overpower the huge variety of beautiful colors that currently reign in the decor and palette department.

mauve and grey winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Navy and Wine

This color combination is perfect for winter. It is the color of the sea at night and packs a romantic feel. It is also reminiscent of the changing of the seasons.

navy and wine winter wedding colors #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding


A popular wedding color for the winter time is neutral but still does not have to be dull. These neutral colors can be added to your 2023 winter wedding color palette: beige, gray, taupe, and brown.

neutral winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Shades of Blue

This winter wedding color idea is an understated blue with a touch of silver. Blue is the most popular color for weddings and this color is just perfect for the winter season too.

shades of blue winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Shades of Grey

This color palette is simple, elegant, and sophisticated. An ideal color palette for your winter wedding.

shades of grey and blue winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

In conclusion, choosing a winter wedding color scheme doesn’t have to be limited to the traditional red and green. With endless possibilities ranging from cool and icy tones to warm and rich hues, couples can create a winter wonderland that truly reflects their vision and personality. Our top ten winter wedding color palettes showcase a variety of options for any wedding style, allowing couples to infuse a touch of winter magic into their special day no matter what their personal taste may be. So let your creativity flourish and explore the beauty of winter colors for a dazzling and unforgettable wedding celebration.


How do I choose a winter wedding color palette that suits my style and personality?

When choosing a winter wedding color palette, start by considering your personal style and preferences. Do you prefer bold and bright colors, or something more muted and subtle? Think about the overall vibe you want to create, as well as any themes or motifs you want to incorporate. Look for inspiration on wedding blogs, Pinterest, and social media to help guide your color choices.

Are there any colors that are traditionally associated with winter weddings?

While red and green are often associated with winter weddings, there are plenty of other colors that work well for this season. Shades of blue, silver, gold, and white can all create a lovely winter wonderland effect, while deep jewel tones like emerald, burgundy, and navy can add richness and warmth.

Can I mix and match different color palettes to create a unique winter wedding look?

Absolutely! Don’t feel limited to a specific color palette – mix and match different shades and combinations to create a unique look that reflects your personality and style. Just be mindful of balancing colors and ensuring they work well together.

Should I choose darker or lighter colors for my winter wedding color palette?

The answer depends on the overall vibe you want to create. Lighter colors can create a soft and dreamy winter effect, while darker colors can add drama and sophistication. Consider your venue, time of day, and personal preferences when making your decision.

How can I use metallics in my winter wedding color scheme?

Metallics like gold, silver, and copper are a lovely addition to a winter wedding color palette, as they add a warm and glamorous touch. Use metallic accents for table settings, candles, and bridesmaid dresses, or consider incorporating metallic elements into your decor like vases or candleholders.

Are there any popular winter wedding color trends for the upcoming year?

Winter wedding color trends vary from year to year, but some popular ones for 2023 include deep jewel tones, neutral shades like beige and taupe, and monochromatic color schemes like all-white or all-blue.

How do I keep myself and my guests warm during an outdoor winter ceremony/reception?

Consider renting outdoor heaters, providing blankets and hand warmers, offering hot drinks like cocoa and coffee, and setting up fire pits.

Can I still have floral decorations for a winter wedding?

Although there may be limited options, winter weddings can still have beautiful floral decorations using seasonal flowers like holly, evergreen, pinecones, amaryllis, and poinsettias.

What are some popular winter wedding themes or decoration ideas?

Some popular winter wedding themes are Winter Wonderland, Rustic, and Holiday. The decoration can consist of evergreen, pinecones, crystal icicles, and lots of white and silver. Additionally, candles, fireplaces, and cozy blankets can add a warm feeling.

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