Top 8 Outdoor Winter Wedding Colors 2024

Okay, so the hard part is over—you’ve decided when you want to get married and maybe you’ve even booked a venue. Good work! And if I may say, a winter wedding is an excellent choice. The season is so underrated! First of all, it’s a naturally romantic time of year. From the lights twinkling in the trees to all the opportunities to cozy up next to your lover on those cold, cold nights, it’s impossible not to feel all kinds of smitten. There was a reason Lorelai Gilmore said snow was like catnip, people!

Winter weddings are also the epitome of glam. It doesn’t get more elegant than dramatic outerwear, cocktails by the fireplace, horse-drawn carriages, and dinners by candlelight. And you probably already know this, as you picked the date yourself, but I’m willing to bet your big day will feel even more special because it won’t be sandwiched between a million summer nuptials. Lucky you.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that if you’re not on the winter wedding train yet, hop on stat. In case you need further convincing, we’ve rounded up some of the best winter wedding color schemes for your mood board. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a loyal maid of honor, or just daydreaming and clicking around for wedding inspo, we’ve got all the swoon-worthy color palettes right here.

White + Gold

Being the quintessential color of purity and radiance, this color is an apt choice for a wedding even in winter. White is always entertaining and effective, as it gives an aura of elegance and elation to any celebration. One of the best ways to come up with a wedding in White + Gold is to carry subtle, yet inviting shades of the color that are blended in perfectly to create a backdrop.

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Red + Gold

A bright red and gold color scheme for a winter wedding could make for a dramatic and memorable event. Take a red or gold suit in either color, and opt for a chunky cardigan sweater or duster coat to keep yourself warm. This color combination can transform your fall wedding into a winter wonderland, and it will also warm up any winter wedding with the radiant vibes that comes with it.

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Navy + Peach

One of the most popular colors for weddings, especially in the winter, is navy and peaches. The color combines well with many shades of brown and adds a dynamic feel to any wedding.

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Rust Orange

The rust orange color is a captivating hue of orange that is going to be a perfect match for your winter outdoor nuptials. You can expect the rust orange color to bring beauty to your wedding day outdoors as it highlights the warmth of the hues. The rust orange color will contrast with the cool shades of blues, greys, and greens that are available. You will also be able to create a winter wonderland trend with this rust orange color.

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Rose Gold + Brown

Think about pastel winter hues that have a subtle, yet elegant feel for use with rose gold hues. This appealing mix creates a fresh take that harmonizes well with rose gold accessories, including hair accessories and wedding rings. You’ll also find this color combination works well for the darker tones of your ceremony details, such as your wood and brick podiums, and is a great choice for your venue’s decor.

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Dusty Blue + Grey

A dusty blue + grey wedding color is sure to turn many heads, both figuratively and literally. Dusty colors are cold, so it’s a great choice for an outdoor winter wedding. Plus, adding some textures for a bit more dimension can make the colors feel warmer and more like a dance party. Add metallic accents to the metallic colors and you’re set for a classy and elegant wedding.

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Maroon + Yellow

While these colors seem out of place in the winter months, it is said that a mixture of maroon and yellow goes perfectly with the twinkling winter light. This is another color choice that is trending so make sure to keep tabs on this trend if you are planning to tie the knot in the winter months.

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Navy Blue + Green

Navy blue is a color that’s quite popular with brides for years. It’s the color for brides that want a sophisticated vibe with a pop of the color green that appears because the navy blue is complemented with other colors in the environment, from greenery to blue skies to green grass on the ground.

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