Considering a Romantic Wedding Elopement in the Grand Canyon (2024)?

Here’s What You Need to Know

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! We know that today’s couples tend to get married a bit older and expect something more intimate and unique while saving money to establish homes, travel, or start a family.

A destination wedding at Grand Canyon National Park combines the adventure and beauty of other destinations without a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. And, by selecting Grand Canyon National Park to exchange your vows, you’ll witness one of nature’s most spectacular displays during your ceremony.

Though some of our packages may include an elegant, chef-prepared dinner at the Rim of the Canyon for all your guests, most of our Wedding Elopement options focus on the couple’s vows, surrounded by incredible natural beauty.

As one of the most beautiful natural treasures, Grand Canyon National Park attracts nearly two million visitors annually. Yet, plenty of intimate and private locations remain for your special ceremony.

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What to Consider When Planning Your Grand Canyon Elopement Wedding:

  • Grand Canyon as a Destination and Weather Limitations:Nature plays a determining factor in scheduling your elopement ceremony. Though the word elopement may conjure up a degree of spontaneity, for the most part, we suggest planning your ceremony between May 15 and October 15. The unpredictable and potentially dangerous weather doesn’t allow for outdoor weddings in the off season.
  • Determining Your Needs and Budget: Many couples planning an elopement wedding strive for privacy, simplicity, and affordability. What you envision for your ceremony may consist of a half an hour with you and your future spouse, the officiant, and the witnesses in nature’s breathtaking setting. Many couples want to add frills such as music, a sparkling wine toast, and up to 23 of their closest loved ones. You may also want to consider a professional photographer to capture the day. You will also want to add other activities in the Grand Canyon National Park area.
  • Exploring Further Adventures:If you extend your stay in the South Rim Grand     Canyon area, you’ll find superb accommodations. You may also want to explore other activities the area offers to add to your memorable experience.

Requirements for Your Destination Elopement Wedding:

When you book a wedding package with us, we assist you with planning and details such as reservations, photography, officiant, and other information. You must also acquire a Grand Canyon National Park permit for your celebration site. Most permits cost $240, except Shoshone Point, which is $500. Once we confirm your booking with us, we will assist you with site selection and permit application. If you need more information about wedding permits, please visit the Grand Canyon National Park’s wedding page on their website.

Romantic Wedding Elopement in the Grand Canyon 2

If you’ve decided on a wedding in the Grand Canyon for your event, make sure to meet with the Team at Grand Canyon Wedding Packages, as they can take care of all the details associated with your package so you can focus on celebrating your commitment and love and the awe-inspiring scenery of the Grand Canyon:

  1. Standard Elopement Package:This package starts at $2399 and includes remote elopement coordination, permit assistance and concierge services, and one hour of professional photography.
  2. Premium Elopement Package: This package starts at $3199, and in addition to the features included with the standard package, you also receive an additional half-hour of photography, wedding cupcakes, a wedding toast with sparkling wine, and a rose bouquet.
  3. Luxe Elopement Package:For $4199+, you receive all the perks of the premium package plus an additional half-hour of photography for a total of two full hours, keepsake flute glasses included with your toast, a ceremonial musician, and a gourmet picnic lunch to go.
  4. Grand Elopement Package:This ultra-luxurious package starts at just $6599, and in addition to everything included in the luxe package, you also receive video highlights, hair and makeup services, and a custom bridal bouquet.
  5. Photography or Officiant Services Only: If you choose to coordinate your arrangement, you can still book photography services for $1299 and officiant services for $1199. Remember, you may only reserve these individual services Monday through Thursday.
  6. Adventure Elopement Packages:Consider making the most of your wedding day by booking the Grand Canyon Railway Adventure Elopement package. This offering includes everything from planning services, professional photography, a nondenominational clergyperson, witnesses (or you may bring your own for an additional fee), and an unforgettable luxury train ride through jaw-dropping scenery. This railway adventure is available starting at $5,265. Click here for more information about this package. For a less elaborate but elegant alternative to the rail adventure, you may want to explore the Sunset Elopement Picnic, which starts at $3845.

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