The Best Places for Destination Weddings in Mexico

Having a wedding in Mexico is a wonderful choice. In addition to famous beaches, this country has one more feature. Traces of the Mayan civilization remain in this territory, and modern Mexicans honor their traditions, so a unique flavor and originality reigns here. 

Simple Wedding Arch Ideas

What to Expect 

Traditionally, destination weddings in Mexico are held on the beach. The decorations include a flower arch and a small table. It is all needed for a sacral ceremony. It can be real or symbolic.

You must prepare all the documents for the official ceremony and take a blood test.

It takes place in the presence of a priest because Mexico is a Catholic country. A certificate is only a reminder of the concluded union. Professional planners usually perform the symbolic ceremony. It includes rituals of local Indians and a subsequent party with fiery dancing and blood-stirring tequila.

One of the locals’ characteristic holiday customs is mariachi musicians. Charismatic men in national costumes with musical instruments performing traditional love ballads with extraordinary passion and insight will help create a feeling of celebration and romance. Also, an integral part of the ceremony is filling a glass vessel with colored sand, which signifies the unity and prosperity of the future family.

Most hotels provide organized celebration packages that are specially prepared for the occasion. A ceremony and celebration will go smoothly as the experienced teams working there will ensure the celebration is great. In addition, highly qualified specialists approach each couple purely individually. You should not worry that the day may be ruined.

The symbolic wedding ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular. The most favorable area for a romantic celebration is the Cancun area, where you can find traditional and extravagant places. The variety of options here is simply amazing. The very symbolic vow giving attracts the attention of future newlyweds because they can plan and organize it entirely to their taste. Some married couples sometimes wish to reenact long-forgotten ceremonial vows or want to celebrate an anniversary. If a civil marriage were concluded between them, then a symbolic ceremony would be an excellent solution.

Places to Choose

Today, we prepared a selection of the best places for a destination wedding in Mexico.

Riviera Maya Beach

Riviera Maya is the coziest and most stunning beach in Mexico. There is delicate silver sand, the warm Caribbean Sea, underground lakes, lagoons, and mango thickets. There are many places for ceremonies, photo sessions, excursions, beaches with discos, and water activities. And from November to May, you can even see Caretta turtles here.

Maroma Beach

Maroma is the most luxurious beach in Mexico. It is pleasant to walk along the white sand, admire the wildly blooming exotic plants, and inhale their aroma. And if you enter a couple of meters into the thicket, bright butterflies fly overhead, and you can see tropical birds. The ceremony here will be fabulous! You can spend it on a secluded part of Secreto Beach, having dinner and a photo shoot in a stylized ranch next door.

Villa Secret Garden

On the very shore of the Caribbean Sea in Tulum, there is a wonderful Villa Secret Garden. Newlyweds usually like it there: a private beach, the warm Caribbean Sea, a marvelous tropical garden on the territory, and a cozy, intimate atmosphere — only lovers and their guests. And during your honeymoon, you can take a walk to Tulum National Park to look at the ruins of Mayan structures and archaeological finds.

Tulum, Yucatan Peninsula

There is a picturesque eco-style hotel on a snow-white beach with the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. The town of Tulum itself is the oldest monument of the Mayan civilization. Its ruins stand on high cliffs surrounded by lush nature. This place is secluded and very picturesque.

Sacred Cenote

A cenote is a natural well, a fantastic place with a crystal clear lake. The ancient Mayans considered the well a sacred place that blesses newlyweds for a long and happy marriage. The Mayans are long gone, but their descendants have preserved these traditions. The shamans will perform a ceremony for you in the Mayan language, dancing and beating the tambor. And the wedding will end on a white beach, where light Caribbean winds blow.

Island of Women — Isla Mujeres

It is a picturesque island of pre-Columbian times. The Island of Women is called because ancient female statues glorifying the fertility goddess, Ixchel, are preserved here. It is a beautiful, original place with Indian and Spanish flavors. You can have a wedding on a white beach against bright Indian houses, palm trees, and the rippling Caribbean Sea. After the ceremony, take a boat ride or visit a national park with rare coral reefs over 100 thousand years old.

Real Hacienda, Yucatan

Mexican Hacienda is an old estate with a colonial flavor. Here, you will see that era’s pristine interior, the spirit of history, and the unique atmosphere that we now see only in beautiful films about historical Mexico. You can hold your ceremony in a centuries-old garden or pristine white beach. In any case, this is a lot of impressions and an opportunity to feel like an authentic Mexican landowner.

Hot Air Balloon to Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan is the ancient City of the Gods with Mayan pyramids. This place is located just 50 km from Mexico City. Here, you can hold a ceremony in a hot air balloon — rise into the sky, and admire the picturesque panorama with thousand-year-old ruins and strange giant cacti from a bird’s eye view. Romantic, adventure wedding!


A wedding in this breathtaking country is ideal for couples wanting a special day. Snow-white sand on beaches, turquoise waters, and good weather all year round attract many future newlyweds. It is also pleasantly predisposed to such an event as a symbolic ceremony for already married couples. Local hotels offer professional organizers and excellent service to help everyone arrange the details. This way, you will have the perfect celebration for the most important day of your life.

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